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About Us

Amstel F.F & V. Manufacturing PLC, Maryod Sanitary Pads manufacturing company, was established in January, 2010 by two Ethiopian shareholders. Its major shareholder, Ms. Embet Tadesse is the owner of several design and utility patent rights.

Reusable Sanitary Pads & Washable Diapers from Maryod

Creating access to hygiene sanitary pads and opening a new chapter of personal freedom and ease for all women.


Reusable Sanitary Pads

The leading creators and designers of customized sanitary pads and hygienic product solution to under-privileged and cash constrained girls of child-bearing or near child bearing age, women who are mothers or have experienced motherhood, to caretakers and guardians of children, girls and the elderly who require our special products  for comfortable and affordable solutions for managing bodily fluids.


Reusable / Washable Diapers

The main product lines in the washable diaper production process  include child and adults re-usable diapers. The fabrics and materials used for reusable diapers are all locally sourced with leading local producers of cotton fabrics.

Other Products

We produce bed sheets, bed screens, day-bed upholstery, children’s and adults bed sheets, bags, uniforms, children clothes. 

Popular Products

Maryod products are all made after requests from mothers, who face new problems and request for a solution. These are some of the popular products we produce at Maryod.

Baby Diapers

Diaper with detachable pad

Adult Bed Sheet – For Medical

Pikini – Easy to remove Pant + Pads for Hot areas and for Handicaps / Disables

Reusable / Washable Face Masks

The patented irritation free, water proof washable Facial Mask products from Maryod was on LTV Channel. 

Reusable / Washable Face Masks

  • Polution Free, Chemical Free, Low Cost Face Masks
  • Can be washed with regular Soap to be reused
  • It has Water proof Cover from outside and comfortable Cotton material inside

Letting women attend school at ease

Emebet wanted to alleviate hardships by producing reusable sanitary pads in Ethiopia thus contributing to changing the lives of thousand of women allowing them to attend school and other social activities with ease.

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"Securing sanitary for all women"


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