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Reusable / Washable Sanitary Pads

We have simple Sanitary pads with various options, for different purposes.

For Teenagers

With Buttons

With underpants

Pads with Mini Pocket

Medical Products

Santiary Pads (Bikini or Fly for Hot areas or Handicap (disabled), Adult Diapers, Special Pants with attached Diapers for Boys who pea or for Diabetic patients and Bedsheets for hospital patients such as Fistula. 

Adult Bedsheets

Adult Diapers

Fly (Bikini) Pads

Pant plus Diaper


Reusable / Washable Diapers


We have Diapers with many options, for Medical, children, adult and special purposes.


Baby Diapers

With Extra detachable Pads

Washable / Reusable Face Masks

  • Polution Free, Chemical Free, Low Cost Face Masks
  • Can be washed with regular Soap to be reused
  • It has Water proof Cover from outside and comfortable Cotton material inside


Face Mask

Other Products

We produce Baby Bedsheets, Baby Covers (Blankets), Baby Clothes, Bags, Uniforms and custom ordered other products.

Baby Bedsheets

Baby Covers / Blankets

Baby Clothes

Uniforms and Gowns

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